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Next Litter due for Delivery in mid October 2017

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Owning a Rottweiler puppy is an amazing experience. They are loyal, affectionate and protective. However bringing your Rottweiler puppy up properly is essential to getting the maximum enjoyment from your dog.

We recommend that all Rottweilers be trained at accredited dog schools. This will ensure that you get the maximum satisfaction from your Rottweiler.

Denaz Rottweilers was started in 2012 when “Roxy” and “James” were mated and produced 13 amazing puppies.

We are particular about where our puppies are homed. We do not supply dogs to the security industry and will only consider exporting dogs to registered breeders. You need to give us the address where the puppy will be homed and we need to be assured that the puppies will have adequate spece and care.

On the right of this page (or below if you are accessing via a mobile device) we have links to the parents of our latest pairing. Have a look at the parents – it can tell you a lot about the puppy you want to own.

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Denaz Rottweilers  have been placed in homes throughout South Africa. We take an active interest in the puppies continued development and love to keep in touch with the new owners. Our prices include transport to the major cities in South Africa.

Denaz Rottweilers is registered with the Kennel Union of South Africa (KUSA) and we follow their breeding guidelines to the letter. Our dams and sires are tested for hip dysplasia and are approved for breeding by KUSA. We declare the hip displasia results on every parent.

However, the early formative months are crucial for your Rottweiler pup especially in relation to the possibility of hip dysplasia developing. Overfed or improperly fed puppies can cause abnormal growth spurts which affect hip development. There is also some evidence that exuberant puppies who are encouraged to run on smooth surfaces such as tiles may also have problems.

 The purpose of this website

Our puppies are sold to new owners throughout South Africa and are delivered by air if needs be to all the major centres such as Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, East London, Johannesburg and Durban. Our quoted prices include the transport to these centres, provided the dogs leave us by 9 weeks. If an older dog is selected then a surcharge may apply. The dog crate has to be retained and we arrange collection of it at a later stage.

This website includes a blog of current litters to allow new owners and prospective owners to see the progress of the puppies. Although some breeders allow six week old puppies to leave we believe there are tangible benefits to waiting until after the eighth week.

We add weekly photographic updates to the puppies progress so that you get to follow their development.

If you may be interested in buying one of these puppies then you need to register your interest here.

Zane Johnson with Rottweiler Puppy

My name is Zane Johnson. I’ve always been crazy about animals and dogs in particular.   I’ve been breeding Rottweilers from excellent blood lines since 2012. I’ve had a lot of support from some of the best breeders in South Africa. Our pairings are selected to produce powerful even temperament dogs. Current owners of our offspring are a testament to our success.



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