Dams and Sires



The Gretta / Tyson puppies are due on the 15 September and will be ready fro release in mid November. Be sure to check back here for the announcement of their birth.


The Roxy / James combination has produced 13 amazing puppies and a second litter of 11 puppies. Roxy is been rested at the moment and we will expect another litter early in 2015.

To get more information regarding prices and availability be sure to press the button below. You will automatically be added to our contact list and we will email you when the next litter is born. We have quite a long waiting list but we work on a first come first served basis. We also are quite picky about where our dogs are homed. So please let us know in what circumstances the dogs will be homed.

We do NOT export dogs. Our puppies are delivered to all the major centres in South Africa. Johannesburg | Cape Town | Durban | Port Elizabeth | East London | George | Upington

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